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SUMMER / 2017


Paula Ryan

Fashion's new uniform is simple and minimalistic, like teaming pale blue with army green or a miss match of prints that should not, but do work.

Summer's brilliant print offering, whether it be the ethnic Egyptian designs or the computer generated geometric options are definitely praiseworthy. Border prints are ideal for lengthy dresses and I can never recall a season where stripes are used in such creative ways and widths.

Tops and jackets get a feminine upgrade with ruffles and fuller bell sleeves but in a modern way. Even casuals mix sport with romantic frills breaking the rules but in quite youthful fashion that works for all. As for dresses, there are sexy, shoulder showing options worn snugly or flowing and feminine tea style dresses for any time.

Of all the seasons this decade, the tunic dress is bigger than ever in options too numerous to count.

If I was to assess the season in terms of how any woman could update her wardrobe it would have to be these few items...a new print style asymmetric skirt, silver or gold slides or sandals, a new tote bag, a short or lengthy day dress and a new tunic or shirt.

Be discerning though and think things through in terms of how you live, what you already have and what would add multi-wear benefits to your existing wardrobes.


    1) Fabric graphics mixed in a single print

    2) Tribal looks

    3) Asymmetric tunics

    4) Wide pants

    5) Sandals and ballet flats

    6) The 60's block heel

    7) Light layers

    8) Mixed stripes

    9) Bell sleeves

    10) Sport style and casual luxe

Enjoy the Season!

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