All PAULA RYAN Fashion Collection and Essentials garments are manufactured in New Zealand.

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PAULA RYAN Banded Shoulder Merino Sweater - Black Merino Stretch

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The modern version of a sweatshirt which will look great with dress or casual slim line pant styles. It's a wow piece on.

Sizing Notes: This style runs true to size: XS=8, S=10, M=12, L=14, XL=16.

Measurements (cm):

Length Neck to hem (Back): XS=70, S=70.4, M=71.2, L=72, XL=72.8, 2XL=73.6, 3XL=74.4
Bust Circumference: XS=109.8, S=112.8, M=118.8, L=124.8, XL=130.8, 2XL=136.8, 3XL=142.8
Hem Circumference: XS=102.5, S=105.5, M=111.5, L=117.5, XL=123.5, 2XL=129.5, 3XL=135.5
Shoulder to Shoulder (Across Back): XS=49, S=49.8, M=51.4, L=53, XL=54.6, 2XL=56.2, 3XL=57.8
Sleeve Length (Head to Hem): XS=73, S=73.3, M=74, L=74.7, XL=75.4, 2XL=76.1, 3XL=76.8

 Fabric: Merino

Style Code: 8842-Black

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