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Paula Ryan Essentials

PAULA RYAN ESSENTIALS Stretch Pencil Skirt Regular - Poppy

$275.00 NZD


An absolute winner, the Stretch Pencil Skirt in Bonded Microjersey is available in black, navy, white and sand and is easy to care for. It's a non-iron skirt which is also shrink free.

  • Spun in Italy Microjersey is one of the world's most advanced moisture - wicking Polyamide fabrics available today.
  • Super soft handle combined with durability and exceptional comfort factor
  • Wrinkle free and crease resistant
  • UV Resistant
  • Pill free and easy care

Measurements (cm):

  • Waist width: XS=66, S=69, M=75, L=81, XL=87, 2XL=93, 3XL=99
  • Length: XS=68.5, S=68.5, M=68.5, L=68.5, XL=68.5, 2XL=68.5, 3XL=68.5 

Fabric: Bonded Microjersey

Style No. 2496