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Paula Ryan Fashion Collection

PAULA RYAN ESSENTIALS Off Shoulder ¾ Sleeve Top - MicroModal

$230.00 NZD


This top with stretch neck is designed to create an off shoulder look. It carries garment length so it can be worn out. It is the perfect summer staple for women who like an off shoulder option for added glamour when teaming with skirts and modern style pants. This top looks excellent with long or short skirts and sits well under jackets. The sleeve make it an excellent choice for all year round wearing as an evening top although it sits well as a multi tasker in the summer. It adds glamour to every outfit.

Sizing Notes: This style is a short slim fit, but runs true to size: XS=8, S=10, M=12, L=14, XL=16. If you would like a looser fit, we suggest you going up a size.

Measurements (cm):

  • Neck to hem(Back): XS=50.8 S=51.2 M=52 L=52.8 XL=53.6 2XL=54.4 XL=55.2.
  • Bust Circumference: XS=79 S=82 M=88 L=94 XL=100 2XL=106 3XL=112.
  • Waist:XS=73 S=76 M=82 L=88 XL=94 2XL=100 3XL=106.
  • Hem Width: XS=79 S=82 M=88 L=94 XL=100 2XL=106 3XL=112.
  • Raglan off shoulder Sleeve Length (from Neck point to Hem): XS=39.5 S= 40 M= 42 L=42 XL= 43 2XL= 44 3XL= 45.

Fabric: 90% MicroModal 10% Lycra

Style no. 7547L