All PAULA RYAN Fashion Collection and Essentials garments are manufactured in New Zealand.

Belts For Every Occasion

This week we feature the newest collection of PAULA RYAN winter 2023 fashion belts. A well-crafted belt provides both aesthetic and functional benefits, enhancing your outfit by defining your waist, adding visual interest, and contributing to a balanced, cohesive look.

This collection offers something for everyone, regardless of your shape, size, height, or personal style.  
This year, it's all about statement belts in timeless styles. A good belt collection will both elongate and elevate your winter wardrobe by providing the finishing touch.

In this post, we'll introduce you to five must-have belts from the PAULA RYAN collection and provide styling tips on how to wear them.

Paula Ryan Winter 2023 Belt Collection

The Ryan Chain Charm Belt

  • Features delicate charms hanging from a fashion gold chain
  • Electroplated in gold and interwoven with leather
  • Ideal for adding a touch of glamour to your outfit
  • Styling tip: Wear it with a high-waisted skirt, or over a floaty dress, to create a flattering silhouette.
Paula Ryan Chain Charm Belt

The Chunky Chain Belt

  • Designed a bold, oversized chain design
  • Available in three high-shine metallics: Gold, Silver/Gold + All Silver.
  • Can be adjusted to be worn up high or lower on the hips.
  • Styling tip: Pair it with your favorite oversized blazer and jeans for a chic, high fashion look. Lift and all-black outfit or dress in winter. Elevate an all- white look in summer.

Paula Ryan Chunky Chain Belt

The Horse Bit Belt

  • Inspired by equestrian style, this belt has a unique horse bit buckle at the front. Can be worn high or low and easily adjusted to fit your waist.
  • A large fit. S=10/12, M=14, L=16.
  • Adds a touch of sophistication to any ensemble
  • Styling tip: Wear it with tailored pants and a fitted blouse for a polished tailored look. Style it under a blazer, or pair it with a floaty or fitted dress.
Paula Ryan Horse Bit Belt

The Wide Buckle Belt

  • Features a prominent, oversized buckle
  • Great for cinching your waist and adding structure to your outfit
  • Styling tip: Use it to define your waist when wearing a long, flowy dress or a cozy winter coat.
Paula Ryan Wide Buckle Bet

The Soft Leather Belt

  • Made from supple, high-quality leather
  • Available in three colours: Black, Tan and Navy.
  • Lightweight making it ideal for travel.
  • Styling tip: Find the centre, hold it flat against your waist, then wrap around your back and bring it back to the front again to tie.

Paula Ryan Soft Leather Belt


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